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Staff Reunion

Welcome Back Sharon!

Reunion!  Fourteen years ago, hygienist Sharon moved to Australia, and she’s now living in New Zealand.  What fun to have a staff reunion dinner with Sharon, which included current and former staff members.  Long time patients will recognize Michele, Lisa, Sharon, Susan, Lee Ann, Linda and Bonnie.  We’ve been fortunate to have great staff serving our patients over the years.

2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention

This picture was taken at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention with Jane, LeeAnn, and Michelle (Lisa not pictured).  We spent two days attending continuing education classes and visiting vendor booths to see the latest in dental products.  Dr. Albers attended lectures of nationally renowned speakers including Dr. Gordon Christensen (lecture on dental advancements in multiple areas including endodontics, crowns, implants, new materials, etc.) and Dr. Dennis Tarnow, (lecture on treatment planning for complex implant cases).  This annual event is an important part of our commitment to patients to stay abreast of the latest trends and advancements in dentistry.

Back in the Saddle

This blog has not been updated following the loss of Dr. Albers’ home in the Waldo Canyon fire.  The family has rebuilt and moved back and now it’s time to resume blog posts.  A big “Thank You” goes out to all of the staff and patients who’ve been so supportive this last year and a half.

After the fire

Waldo Canyon Fire

Well, unfortunately, the Albers’ home is no more.  For those who don’t know, we were in the path of the Waldo Canyon Fire.  The fire exploded on June 26, 2012, and ended up destroying almost 350 homes. This photo is from the Denver Post website, taken as our family first arrived home to see the devastation.  Family members and pets are fine, and many important papers and photographs were saved.  We appreciate the outpouring of support from many of our wonderful patients.  Because it was difficult to keep up with emails and phone calls, Carla started a blog to document this journey.  You can read along at

Training Complete, E4D

E4D in-office training was completed on June 14, with our very own Linda receiving several new crowns.  What does she like about the new system?  “I loved getting my crowns the same day.  The scanning was easy and quick, and it was fascinating to watch Dr. Albers design the crown right there in the operatory.  After the crowns were milled and tried in for fit, there were minimal to no adjustments necessary.  I love my new crowns!”  Her only potential downside for patients?  Because the crowns are milled and fired in the office, there is some waiting time.   She suggests that patients bring reading materials or  devices to connect to the free office wi-fi while the crown is being milled and then fired.  Feel free to call our office and talk to Linda about her experience with the E4D system.

Finalizing Linda’s Crown

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