Yes.  We developed our in-house Dental Member Plan in an effort to promote dental wellness and the prevention of dental problems.  Plan details can be found at https://albersdental.com/dental-member-plan/.  Or, go to the menu bar above, click the Patient tab, then go to Dental Member Plan.  This plan covers enumerated preventative services at 100% and also provides members with discounts on other dental treatments.  It is not dental insurance.

No.  Currently, we offer only annual Dental Member Plans.

Yes, but discounts for multiple family members only apply to members added at the same time.  For instance, if a couple purchases our Family (2) plan, the 2021 annual fee is $680.  However, if a husband enrolls on February 1 and his wife on March 1, they would each be charged $345, or $690.

No.  Our Dental Member Plan discounts only apply to dental services performed by Dr. Albers and our staff.

Given complicated IRS rules, we cannot comment on whether HSA funds cover our Dental Member Plan annual fee.  We recommend consulting with your tax adviser or your employer’s health benefits manager to determine if HSA or other flexible account funds can be used to pay annual plan fees.

No.  At the present time, no modifications are allowed to covered services or discounts contained in our in-house Dental Member Plan.

No.  One of the great benefits of our Dental Member Plan is that we do not cap discounts available to you.  Unlike most dental insurance plans, if you are a current Plan member and pay in full at the time of service, there is no limit to the number of times you can have your fees discounted.

Yes.  Assuming you schedule appointments for all of our recommended and covered preventative care services (2 appointments per year), enrolling in our Dental Member Plan will save you money over what you would pay for these services without the Plan.

Yes. Our office is a Premier Provider for Delta Dental. We also contract with Cigna Insurance to provide dental benefits to its insureds. If your dental insurance allows you to go to a dentist of your choice, we can generally see you in our office. Patients are ultimately responsible for understanding their own dental insurance benefits. However, our staff will work with you to understand what your plan covers. As a courtesy to our patients, we file insurance claims for you and notify you of the amount paid by insurance and the balance owed by you.

Yes. As a general dental office, we treat the whole family – from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between. We start by offering Happy Visits, a chance for kids as young as 3 or 4 to come to our office, sit in a chair, and visit with our staff. We provide treatments such as dental sealants and fluoride treatments. These preventative procedures protect teeth from cavities and other dental problems. We have many patients in the office who started coming to us as kids and who, as adults, are now bringing their own children to our practice.

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