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At Dr. Albers’ office, we are committed to providing the best dental care possible for our patients.  This is why we use state of the art dental equipment and dental technology to diagnose and treat dental problems.


Planmeca Panoramic and 3D Imaging Machine

3D Image of Teeth

3D Imaging

Our Planmeca ProMax 3D Imaging machine supports multiple diagnostic options, including a proprietary ultra low dose radiation protocol. It can create a 2D digital image of the lower face, including sinuses and jaw. It takes extraoral (outside the mouth) cavity check x-rays for patients who have difficulty tolerating an intraoral (in mouth) sensor for traditional digital x-rays. Finally, it can take a 3D image of a tooth or area of the jaw. This allows better diagnosis of conditions such as infections or the anatomy of multi-rooted teeth. Not every case requires use of this machine, and often times traditional digital x-rays provide Dr. Albers with the information he needs. However, the Planmeca ProMax gives Dr. Albers extra diagnostic flexibility as he provides dental care for his patients.


Digital X-rays

Dr. Albers pointing to digital xrays

Digital X-rays

Our digital x-ray units provide instant, high-quality images while reducing the amount of radiation to which patients are exposed.  The radiation exposure needed to take a digital image is less than half that of a conventional x-ray film.  With this safer, faster technology and patient viewing screens in each operatory, Dr. Albers can review and explain these images to patients during their appointment.



Intraoral Camera

Dr. Albers using intra oral camera

Intra Oral Camera

Another dental tool Dr. Albers uses at our office is an intraoral camera (a special camera that fits inside your mouth). With this camera, he can project magnified images from inside a patient’s mouth onto a viewing screen. This lets patients see what Dr. Albers sees. Our patients generally find it very helpful and informative when they can see problem areas such as cracked or decayed teeth. The more information we can provide to our patients, the easier it is for them to make informed decisions about their dental care.



Michele Using Scheduling System

Scheduling System

At Dr. Albers’ office, we value our patients’ time and do not like to keep them waiting!  Therefore, we schedule adequate time for each appointment and notify patients ahead of time how long the appointment should last.  We use a sophisticated scheduling system to ensure we are not scheduling more patients than we can adequately see.  We also use a text or email messaging system to remind patients of upcoming appointments or overdue visits.  While circumstances sometimes arise that can cause delay, Dr. Albers and his staff make every effort to begin each appointment on time.



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