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Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

We are excited to offer same day crowns utilizing the E4D Dentist System.  In May, Dr. Albers and his assistant, Michele, traveled to the E4D Corporate offices in Dallas, Texas, for two days of intensive training.  A final in-office training had to be postponed after Dr. Albers broke his ankle sliding into second base….  This training has been rescheduled, and we anticipate offering this new service by mid-June.  For more information on the E4D system, please see the Same Day Crown page of the website.

Study on Dental X-rays

A recent study linked frequent dental x-rays to an increased risk of meningiomas, the most commonly diagnosed brain tumor.  A concern with the findings of this study is that it relies not on documentation as to the type and frequency of dental x-rays, but on patient memory.  As noted in the ADA statement, such studies relying on memory can be unreliable.  The ADA statement notes several best practices which can minimize radiation exposure, and which are utilized in our office, including the use of protective aprons and thyroid collars on all patients.  In addition, our office uses digital x-rays, which expose our patients to considerably less radiation that standard film x-rays.  We welcome any questions you might have about this study.

Mission Medical Clinic Luncheon

On March 10, 2012, Mission Medical Clinic hosted a luncheon to recognize volunteers who have provided at least 5 years of volunteer services.  Dr. Albers helped start Mission Medical’s dental clinic over 5 years ago, now, and has continued to volunteer there each month.  If you have extra time on your hands, they can always use more volunteers.

Kids and Cavities

Today’s New York Times article on the rise in the number of preschoolers needing extensive dental work is a wakeup call for parents.   It is important for parents to understand that proper diet (including staying away from high sugar content foods) and good, early oral hygiene can lessen the likelihood that their child will develop problems with early onset of dental decay.  If you have any questions, please give our office a call.

Dentistry & Sleep Disturbance

In January, I traveled to San Antonio, Texas for a course dealing with sleep disturbance and its relationship to sleep bruxism (grinding of the teeth). This 2 day course was full of new and valuable information about what dentists can do to help patients with sleep disturbance issues, from snoring to sleep apnea.  We learned about the process of falling asleep, how sleep disorders can impact a patient’s health, and different treatments the dental provider can utilize to helpalleviate some of these problems.  While sleep disturbances have varied underlying causes, many requiring medical care, dentists can provide help to patients, usually by fashioning oral appliances to advance the lower jaw, thus increasing airway space.  This is an area of dentistry I find very interesting, and I plan to continue to expand my knowledge in this area.

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