Wuhan Virus/Covid-19/Coronavirus Update

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Last Thursday, we wrote about what we are doing in the office to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus.  (Photo above courtesy of Fusion Medical Animation through Unsplash).  Monday evening, the Colorado Dental Association (CDA), in conjunction with the ADA, issued recommendations for patient treatment.  This comes after discussions with the governor’s office and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) about the Coronavirus spread.

Office Closed to Non-Emergency Care

Dentists have been asked to close their offices for three weeks (current recommendation) for routine or elective care.  This would cover regular cleanings and elective procedures that can be safely postponed.  Patients with dental emergencies will still be seen.  One reason for the requested closures is obviously to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.  A second reason, though, is to preserve the supply of protective gear for emergency dental care and also for front line health care and other workers.

Yesterday, an attorney friend of Carla’s wrote to ask for a favor.  She works with DHS (Department of Human Services).  She said they have caseworkers who sometimes have to enter homes on an emergency basis.  Gloves and masks are on order but they had none.  Did we have extras they could have?  There have been limits on what we can order but we just received a shipment.  DHS representatives came and picked up two boxes of gloves and some masks.  Bottom line, there are people who need supplies that are in short supply, hence the request to preserve supplies for those who need them.

Why Not Close Completely?

People break teeth and develop tooth aches, abscesses, and other problems that need to be addressed immediately.  Because we don’t want those with emergency dental needs to overwhelm hospital emergency rooms, it is important to treat those patients in a dental office setting.

Back to Normal

Currently, the CDA and ADA are recommending dental office closures for three weeks.  As we’ve seen, however, this situation is very fluid and unpredictable.  The CDA is maintaining an open line of communication with dentists, and we will be monitoring things closely.  Our plan is to provide periodic updates  here and on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AlbersDental) as to when the office will reopen to regular business hours.

This is a trying and disruptive time for those in the service industry and others.  We appreciate your understanding as we work through these restrictions.  We will be available for phone calls and questions, so do not hesitate to call.  In the meantime, local updates can be found at the El Paso County Public Health website.



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