From February 20 – 23, I attended Annual Meetings for the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry and the Academy of Operative Dentistry. These meetings provide

Welcome Back Sharon! Reunion!  Fourteen years ago, hygienist Sharon moved to Australia, and she’s now living in New Zealand.  What fun to have a staff

2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention This picture was taken at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Dental Convention with Jane, LeeAnn, and Michelle (Lisa not pictured).  We

This blog has not been updated following the loss of Dr. Albers’ home in the Waldo Canyon fire.  The family has rebuilt and moved back

Waldo Canyon Fire Well, unfortunately, the Albers’ home is no more.  For those who don’t know, we were in the path of the Waldo Canyon

E4D in-office training was completed on June 14, with our very own Linda receiving several new crowns.  What does she like about the new system? 

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